The Apex golf simulator

As Real As It Gets

Golfing Hours

Mon - Thurs

10am - 11pm


10am - midnight


11am - midnight


11am - 11pm

Golf pricing

Bring your friends along and tee off at Apex for an unforgettable golfing experience. Rain or shine, our virtual golfing ensures you can enjoy swinging your clubs without worry. Join us for a round of virtual golf and make memories.


Walk-Ins are available,
check availability at The Apex.

Pricing per hour


Sunday-Thursday - $40/HR


Friday + Saturday - $50/HR


$15 Club Rental Fee

Guests are welcome to bring their own clubs

Experience the most innovative and accurate golf simulator

Enhance your competitive skills by playing on the world's top courses in our four advanced golf simulator bays, suitable for all ages and skill levels. Experience lifelike realism with features like tilted footing for sidehill stances, challenging swings for sand or rough lies, and realistic putting.