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11am - 11pm

Experience the infinite thrills at our arcade

Welcome to Apex Arcade, where fun meets fantasy! Dive into classic favorites like Mario Kart or take on the challenge of the thrilling Halo shooting game. Plus, experience our high-definition VR games that transport you to an entirely new realm of excitement. It's all here at Apex, where every game promises a unique adventure and endless fun!


The Hurricane

Bring Fun to New Heights on the Hurricane

Experience the thrill of the Hurricane, Apex's virtual attraction. This state-of-the-art 4-seat, 6-Axis Motion Ride features exhilarating 360-degree rotation, taking you on a breathtaking journey that defies the laws of gravity. With specially designed virtual courses, the Hurricane delivers an unforgettable adventure that swirls you through spectacular digital landscapes. Prepare for an intense ride that twists, turns, and flips in ways you've never imagined, right here at Apex!